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About Enobyte GmbH


Enobyte GmbH was established by Gumpp & Partners as a natural progression of its growing IT business of the past 12 years. We saw a growing need from businesses, families, and individuals for IT support from people they know and trust.

We saw major providers exploiting their customer’s data from under their noses, and we wanted to provide a way for hard working people and business owners to regain control and ownership of their own data and privacy.

Thus, at Enobyte we ennoble your data and give it the highest respect that it deserves.

Japanese-German Business association

Through Gumpp & Partners we have been supporting the German-Japanese Business association as the head of their IT Working Group.

Across various cities in both Japan and Germany, we have been hosting workshops and seminars for businesses to help them stay up to date with the latest IT developments. We also organised the Tokyo-Munich FinTech Symposium together with Sunbridge Global Ventures and German Institute for Japanese Studies.

The team

Dr. Hermann Gumpp

received his diploma in physics and Dr. rer. nat. from Munich University (LMU) where he was a member of the research and teaching staff in the field of nano biophysics. He worked in Japan as a member of the executive training program of a global German industrial group and at the National Institute of Informatics Tokyo (NII). Currently he is head of the German-Japanese Business Association’s IT working group, technical procurement advisor with Munich University (LMU) and alumnus of the LMU Center for Entrepreneurship where he co-founded the mobile application deployment platform Pocketsite®.

Martin Uhl

is an informatics researcher teaching at the Technical University of Munich from where he also received his diploma in Informatics. In 2000 he co-founded Animexx e.V., the largest German association for Japanese popular culture and helped to build its community website which was bigger and technically more advanced than Facebook at that time. He is an alumnus of the LMU Center for Entrepreneurship where he co-founded the mobile application deployment platform Pocketsite®. His current research interests lie in the field of human computer interaction and user interfaces.

Robert Buschmann

holds a B.A. in Japanese Studies with a strong background in information technologies. Having had overseas experience in Japan, he is a fluent speaker of Japanese and competent in a multitude of programming languages including JAVA, Python and C. His knowledge of Japanese society, customs and economy make him an ideal partner for IT related projects in Japan. Robert is a certified Data Protection Officer.

Miho Tanaka (Gumpp)

has worked for some of the largest global brands and agencies such as BMW, MINI, Sony Playstation and Adidas. She has also collaborated with independent innovation companies, university research labs, and created her own startup. She has won several awards and has been featured in the global press such as the BBC, The Next Web and Die Welt as the founder of the app AirMarkr. For her extensive background in technology, she has been invited to speak at conferences around the world such as Mobile App Europe,  Tech Open Air, Augmented World Expo, and RE/WORK.