3rd Japanese-German-French AI Symposium

At the 3rd trilateral symposium on Artificial Intelligence (AI), stakeholders from academia, industry and policy-making will discuss measures to tackle planetary challenges that humankind is facing in the Anthropocene and share their visions for realizing a sustainable society.

Following the 1st and 2nd trilateral symposia in 2018 and 2020, which welcomed more than 150 distinguished speakers and 1,300 participants, the 3rd symposium in Tokyo will feature plenary and parallel sessions on various current AI topics and provide networking opportunities to further promote trilateral collaboration.


Session AI & Cybersecurity




AI, or at least machine learning, and cybersecurity interact with each other. On the one hand, machine learning can be used to implement some security services (most often, reactive security services: malware classification, intrusion detection, and alert correlation). On the other hand, the increasing use of machine learning is attracting the interest of attackers who are developing new forms of attacks specifically targeting these systems: poisoning, evasion, and oracle attacks. Fighting these new forms of attacks is sometimes possible using traditional security. However, some very specific attacks that exploit the functioning of machine learning algorithms require very specific responses. This new field of study requires cooperation between security experts and AI experts. The security of the mechanisms used to provide security services is of particular concern.
In this session, experts from France, Germany, and Japan will exchange views on existing initiatives involving security experts and AI experts, and their vision on the benefits of international cooperation to win the race against hackers.