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Dedicated Servers & Infrastructure

More performance, data safety & security

Growing businesses need the agility and reliability of a good IT infrastructure as well as the speed and power of a dedicated server. Your business is loosing customers every day if your site is slow, or even worse – it crashes. Be prepared to scale on demand and handle fluctuating loads to your site with our dedicated servers and IT infrastructure custom built to your needs.

Custom infrastructure for your needs


  • DNS load balancing for faster loading website / app
  • custom configured bare metal and virtual machines for agility and power
  • storage price based on allocated capacity so you can start small and add more as you go
  • custom snapshots allow you to have automated backups with no down time
  • we use self learning algorithms to improve performance constantly


  • all dedicated servers come protected with firewalls
  • 24/7 automated DDoS Protection using up to date security technologies
  • SSL certificate provision for your web hosting account
  • ZFS based storage for highest demands on availability and data safety
  • physically isolated hardware in a ISO27001 Certified data centre in Germany

Talk to us about a dedicated server for your business.

Let us know what your specific needs are, and we’ll build a infrastructure designed to run efficiently without waste for your operations.