Message from CEO

Shaping digitalisation
responsibly and sustainably

Set course for quality. Engage!

Quality awareness, reliability and trust are common values that unite Japan and Germany and have made them extraordinarily successful economic powers in the industrial age. Now both nations face the challenge of transposing these values into the information age, defining quality benchmarks of software and hardware, proving reliability of IT systems and creating trust through secure communication methods. IT security and data protection should be seen as a competitive advantage to enable better and more secure collaboration with business partners and to create trust with customers.

Also, more and more companies only work together with companies that have sufficiently implemented cybersecurity and data protection, because the liability risks in the event of data loss or data protection breaches would otherwise be too high. The ever-increasing risk of cyber attacks and data leaks can only be countered if employees are regularly trained and a solid IT infrastructure with effective management systems is implemented and maintained. Cybersecurity and data protection should therefore be seen as investments in the future, not only to avoid ransom payments and fines, but above all to be able to offer high-quality products and services and to maintain data sovereignty within the company.

Data is not - as often unreflectively reproduced in the media - the new oil, because it does not necessarily have to contain valuable information, nor is it subject to scarcity like physical raw materials. 

If there is a currency in the globally networked world, it is - then as now - trust. However, in the digital space, this trust must first be earned and earned.

Both "Made in Germany" and "Made in Japan" stand for the highest quality and reliability. In order for this to continue to apply to products and services in the digital and networked world in the future, we all need to make a commitment. We at Enobyte are here to enable this transformation.

Dr. Hermann Gumpp   Dr. Hermann Gumpp