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GDPR Compliance

When faced with the task of GDPR compliance, many companies feel they don’t know where to start. Even those who have started, often feel unsure how to further progress. Here are the four steps to get your company in line with GDPR, and how our solutions can help you through each part of the process.

We provide comprehensive Online Questionnaires in English, Japanese and German in order to create a GDPR compliance report comprising a gap analysis and expert recommendations for implementation.
Defining clear roles and responsibilties within your company and performing employee trainings on data protection, privacy and IT security on a regular basis are key elements under the GDPR. We provide support and software in order to facilitate the implementation of management systems and documentation.
Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default are core elements of the GDPR. With our expertise in designing and managing large-scale IT infrastructures we are happy to provide guidance about techniques like network segregation, OS layer virtualisation, compartmentalisation and encryption.
GDPR is not a "project", but an on-going effort which should become a part of your corporate culture in order to ensure quality, reliability and trust with your customers, employees and business partners. Monitoring compliance is the duty of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) who will provide you with advice regarding current developments in data protection, information and communication technology including topics like tracking, social media and more.
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