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The advancing digitalization and interconnectedness of the world offers many opportunities, but also entails high risks. A secure and resilient IT infrastructure is therefore essential for business success regardless of industry. No less important is the personnel - managers and employees must learn the correct handling of data processing to harness its enormous potential, but also to avert existential threats such as cyberattacks and data leaks.

Our eLearning platform, Enobyte Academy, supports your employees in building basic knowledge on the key topics of the digital world. Various modules provide an overview of general legal requirements and specific subjects relevant to your organization. Our comprehensive courses are designed to impart a genuine understanding of the content.

Company decision-makers especially should always be aware of their legal obligations when planning and implementing data-based projects. Our GDPR courses provide an in-depth insight into the various requirements that must be considered when handling personal data.

Advantages of our Academy at a glance

Scalability: Whether you want to train individual employees or the entire company, the Academy supports any group size.

Flexibility: As a web-based platform, the Academy gives employees access to content anytime, anywhere, enabling flexible learning. Modules can be interrupted and resumed later without time-consuming repetitions.

Modularity: Due to the modular structure of the courses, individual content can be revisited and refreshed as needed, e.g. if a question arises in everyday business.

Knowledge tests: At the end of each course, a knowledge test ensures that the content has not only been skimmed but also internalized. Upon successful completion of a course, the employee receives a certificate. The Academy also gives managers an insight into the learning progress of their team or the entire company. They can track the number of successful graduates per course in the statistics at any time.

Multilingualism: The contents are available in English and Japanese to reach as many people as possible in international companies

The Academy enables companies to set up a comprehensive, cost-effective training environment that is readily accepted by employees. Consequently, the competence level of the entire company regarding GDPR, data protection and data security can be raised quickly.

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