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4. The Importance of Backups – Part 2


4. Passwords – part 2

From IT Safety column in Doitsu NewsDigest (translated to English)

There are many ways to do backups and protect yourself from these scenarios and you can learn about some convenient and reliable methods in this article. In part 1, we discussed assessing your data for the appropriate level of backup, and the quick and easy solutions that are available.

Here we discuss backups of higher standards for businesses, and cloud based back ups.

Industrial strength backup

For companies, I recommend so-called Network Attached Storage (NAS) which is a server that contains many hard drives or SSDs that keep redundant copies of the data. Magnetic fields, dust, high humidity and even cosmic rays can change bits and bytes on hard drives. It might sound cosmically far fetched, but this so called “bit rot” is becoming an ever growing problem now with larger volumes of data being stored on ever smaller circuits. Traditional RAID systems (which stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks) that are used at many companies unfortunately can’t cope with bit rot. So what happens is the files seem to be all there, but when you try to open them they’re corrupted and good as gone. Modern file systems like the “Zettabyte File System” (ZFS) can detect such small changes and repair them automatically.

ハードディスク Server data backup in data centres.

Cloud solution

If this sounds all too complicated and you don’t want the responsibility of running your own backups, there’s also the option of using cloud services that take care of it.

Here German Cloud providers should be chosen over USA or UK companies, because of the better data privacy laws in Germany. When backing up a huge amount of data

you should also keep in mind, that you would have to download this in case of data loss. This might take days or even weeks depending on your internet connection.


Examples of German cloud backup service companies

● ownCloud:
● Nextcloud:

One last thing: From time to time -at least once per year- you should recover your precious data from your backup to see if the files are all there and in tact.

I wish you all the best for your data and hope that you will always have enough backup when a computer or hard drive fails.

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May 5, 2017

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